Michelle“By each of us making small changes towards living a more sustainable life, not only will we gain the benefits today but we will also be contributing to a better social, environmental and economical future for our grandchildren’s children.”
Michelle Stephenson
“Michelle was able to take our high level brief and come up with a concept that absolutely captured what we wanted in our garden. She is passionate about sustainability and she found ways for us to reuse lots of plants and materials we already had, which saved us money and really added to the design. I would recommend Michelle to anyone who wants a thoughtful, tailored and beautiful garden design.”
Kirsten Sherwell, Ascot Vale

Philosophy: Designing sustainable landscapes for homes, schools and
businesses that ensures we:

BE RESOURCEFUL Creating energy-wise landscapes through the use of recycled materials, organic production of food, managing waste, harvesting water and putting back into environment what we take out

BE CONNECTED Improving our connection to nature by working with it rather than against it, encouraging biodiversity and bringing balance back to our ecosystems

BE PRESENT By being more mindful and connected to the space we live within to manage the stress caused by the pace of modern life and being present for each other