Tread Lightly

“They just don’t make things like they use to”, I mutter to myself all too often and I thought that was my parent’s era that couldn’t get over that one. But everyday I become more astounded by nothing lasting and how we have all happily accepted this ‘disposable’ lifestyle that is clearly costing us a bomb.

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Green roof

It’s great to see sustainable garden practices becoming the norm such as growing our own food, composting food and garden waste onsite and harvesting water through tanks and grey water systems. These practices are not only good for our health and wellbeing but they contribute significantly to maintaining a healthy environment.

But there is new technology and innovative thinking in the sustainable garden space that needs to be embraced particularly as we see the effects of climate change with future forecasts of reduced rainfall and temperature rises already coming true.

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Single Use Plastic

You are probably very aware that plastic pollution is everywhere. But did you know that it is entering our food chain and we are now consuming it in more ways than one. I came across a scary statistic the other day saying by 2050 there will be more plastic in the ocean than marine life! Unless we do something about this, we are going to find out the hard way what the health implications of this will be. Refusing single use plastic such as plastic bags, plastic water bottles and plastic straws, is a great start to fixing the problem.

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